Environment, Health & Safety


Caring for the environment, along with the well-being of staff and the general public is taken very seriously at PPG.


Along with complying with strict regulations that govern its operations, PPG feels so strongly about environmental concerns it’s actually chosen to go several steps further by actively looking for ways to improve its performance.


Green Products


One method is to develop ‘green’ products. In 2008, PPG won two prestigious R&D 100 Awards for green innovations.


  • ‘Green Logic’ – a paint detackifier used by vehicle OEMs to remove paint over-spray which incorporates ‘chitosan’ (produced from crab, lobster and shrimp shells).


  • ‘Zircobond™ Pre-treatment which significantly reduces energy and water consumption and sludge by-products from the OEM vehicle pre-treatment process without sacrificing performance.PPG has also developed a variety of low VOC refinish products. That includes Envirobase High Performance, the world’s most advanced waterborne basecoat system which is already used in tens of thousands of collision repair centres around the globe.


Sustainable Production


PPG insists that every one of its plants across the planet achieves the tough ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard.


Indeed, PPG Australia’s manufacturing plant, in Melbourne, was one of the first to implement it and for over a decade, has employed a dedicated, onsite Environmental Engineer to search out ways to reduce its environmental ‘footprint’. That’s led to dramatic reductions in water and energy consumption, as well as the minimisation of waste materials. A site-wide strategy has also been implemented to recycle waste including cardboard, paper and tins.